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TradHead Album

TradHead Album


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Here’s Graham’s first solo album – solo, but with a lot of really talented friends (as listed below).

Throughout the album I like the twists and turns of some of your melodies and rhythms and also the easy flow from one idea to the next.
– Nancy Telfer (composer)

You can purchase the digital download or get the full album, with the album artwork, CD and attractive packaging … with a ZERO plastic that’ll make it to a landfill.

  1. Leaving Goderich Set (with From Away) 4:49
  2. Cook’s in the Kitchen Again (with From Away) 3:22
  3. The Vet Set (with From Away & The Trads) 5:36
  4. From Away/Whiskey Soup (with Westmannafolk) 3:26
  5. Folk at Heart Set (with Ten Strings and a Goat Skin) 5:11
  6. Ollie’s Tune (with From Away) 3:20
  7. East West (with Anne Janelle & James Hill) 3:30
  8. The Expedition (with James Hill) 1:56
  9. Two Hours / A Tune for Daisy (with From Away) 4:10
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme (with From Away) 5:31
  11. Grit’s Jig Set (with From Away & The Trads) 6:19
  12. Severn Head Set (with Chrissy Crowley, Anne & James) 3:30
  13. Whiskey Soup (with Westmannafolk) 1:46

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