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TradHead Album


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Here’s Graham’s first solo album – solo, but with a lot of really talented friends (as listed below).

You can download the tracks and beautiful album artwork for $20, and if you see me and have downloaded the album, you get a free copy of the physical disc!  (Limit one free CD per album download.)  If you want an album shipped to you, you’ll have to wait until June 28th.

  1. Leaving Goderich Set (with From Away) 4:49
  2. Cook’s in the Kitchen Again (with From Away) 3:22
  3. The Vet Set (with From Away & The Trads) 5:36
  4. From Away/Whiskey Soup (with Westmannafolk) 3:26
  5. Folk at Heart Set (with Ten Strings and a Goat Skin) 5:11
  6. Ollie’s Tune (with From Away) 3:20
  7. East West (with Anne Janelle & James Hill) 3:30
  8. The Expedition (with James Hill) 1:56
  9. Two Hours / A Tune for Daisy (with From Away) 4:10
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme (with From Away) 5:31
  11. Grit’s Jig Set (with From Away & The Trads) 6:19
  12. Severn Head Set (with Chrissy Crowley, Anne & James) 3:30
  13. Whiskey Soup (with Westmannafolk) 1:46

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