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Graham’s tunes have been played on the Carillon in the Peace Tower of Parliament Hill, in Sweden, cruising in international waters and at festivals and venues in Canada.

Graham Lindsey – “TradHead” CD Launch

20 October 2019 – The Jolly Taxpayer

Featuring the bands From Away and The Trads, this CD release will feature music from Graham Lindsey’s 2019 album “TradHead”.

Graham Lindsey – TradHead

That’s right!  You can order your copy, right now!

This album had 13 tracks including 25 original tunes by Graham Lindsey and one traditional song with a great instrumental arrangement off the top, and a tune in the middle.  The CD features full-colour artwork and track listing, plus it was designed to be as low-waste as possible.  That means no shrink-wrap to throw out, and not even a plastic tray.

From Away

From Away is a Trad/folk trio with captivating original sounds and its roots in tradition. They feature a new blend of voice, fiddle, guitar and gorgeous Canadian hand-crafted mandolins will take you back and forth between the timelessness of the prairie folk singer and upbeat jigs and driving reels.




Published tunes

Two “Trad” Tune Books

“Trad” Tunes You Probably Don’t Know Yet and Some Other “Trad” Tunes You Probably Don’t Know Yet contain tunes played on the Carillon in the Peace Tower in Ottawa, at festivals across Canada and in Sweden, and in jam sessions in Canada and Europe. Get your copy today, or buy a PDF of the book!

Composer & Musician

Writing contemporary Celtic tunes with a twist, and performing with fine folk and traditional musicians.


Graham can be seen at festivals, concerts and in house concerts playing with various Folk and Celtic bands as a “side-man”, providing musical colour to the sound.

The Tunes

“Graham’s tunes are rooted in tradition, but bring a freshness and new vitality to Canadian folk music. They are inventive and varied – it is a pleasure to play them!”
-Sarah Burnell

A "media guy" too

In addition to music, Graham has been creating websites since 1996, videos since 1994 and a photographer since 1998. For more information on media work, please click here.


In addition to The Trad Band, Graham has played with The Sarah Burnell Band, Twin Flames, and more. Here are a few photos of some of the good times had on stage.


Musicians, friends and colleagues who have a few words to say about Graham and his tunes.

Graham’s tunes are rooted in tradition, but bring a freshness and new vitality to Canadian folk music. They are inventive and varied – it is a pleasure to play them!

Sarah Burnell

Sarah Burnell Band

“Thank you Graham! Very inspiering to meet you and play […] More is to come with you and Westmannafolk. Looking forward.”

Mats Hellstrand


“Great tunes and fun to play along with!”

Paul Mills

Owner, The Millstream

“Graham Lindsey from Canada plays amazingly nice Celtic music”

Nina Hellström-Boväng

Freelance Photojournalist, Örebro (Sweden)

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Photo credits

Many of the photos on this website are courtesy of a number of folks. Special thanks to Ryan Lindsey for the main photo (outdoor festival wearing plaid), the cool full-band photo with Twin Flames, and with Trent Severn (the three stellar women wearing plaid or HBC).

Nina Hellström is a great photographer from Örebro, Sweden and shot a number of wonderful photos of the band From Away.

The photo of me in front of beer kegs was snapped by Chris Thiessen, and the photo of the Sarah Burnell Band where I’m playing flute is courtesy of Frank Gasparak (Edmonton). The rest of the photos are ones I’ve taken myself.