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52 Flute Tunes eBook

52 Flute Tunes eBook





52 tunes, each transposed to work on a flute or whistle, but as with all other tunes, they can be played on mandolins, fiddles, guitar and more! About half the tunes (so far) have not yet been published anywhere, and the others have been published in one of my other two books.

This book is due to be released in November 2020!
Not all the tunes have been written, and the “Toot-a-Flute Tuesday” project (look up #TootAFluteTuesday on Facebook) runs until November 17th 2020. This book will be available that final Tuesday!

This book will only be available as an e-book (downloadable PDF) will feature stories about each tune, and a popular request to have one tune per page to let people with tablets search each tune individually. That wouldn’t be feasible with a printed book, however a PDF will indeed allow it!

This was originally going to be called “Fifty Two Tunes to Which You Can Toot Your Flute” … and it still may, but it’s a bit of a mouthful, and I dread any interviews I do to support the book!


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