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There Were Mountains

Recorded 15 Nov 2015 with David Morrissey
Written by Graham Lindsey

I was in Calgary after the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards (held in Edmonton this year), and decided to take a trip to Canmore to see the mountains. Unfortunately it was very cloudy, so I didn’t really see anything – so I sat in my rental car and wrote this tune.


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ABC Notation

X: 8
T: There Were Mountains
C: Graham Lindsey
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: A
O:Canada; Ontario; Ottawa
Bc |: "A"e2ef ecBA | "D"BcB(F F2)EF | "F#m"ABcB AdcA | "D"dcA"E"(B B2)Bc |
"A"e2ef afec | "D"BcB(A A)A (3ABc | dcA(d d)cBc | "E"BAF"A"(A A2)Bc :|:
"E"BE (3EEE EFAB | "A"cBA(B "E"B2)Bc | "Bm"d2de dcBd | "F#m"cBA(B B2)"E"Bc |
"E"BE (3EEE EFAB | "A"cBA(B "E"B2)Bc | "D"dcB(d d)cBc |1 "E"BAF(A A2) Bc :|2 "A"BAF(A A2) |]

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