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The Write-Off

Recorded 1 Apr 2016
Written by Graham Lindsey

So it’s tax season. I’ve finished tiling my front hall and bathroom, replaced a toilet and played all the music I possibly could. Yet I haven’t finished my taxes. A tune came to mind, of course – otherwise I’d have to get things ready for my accountant… and here’s what came of it!


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ABC Notation

X: 12
T: The Write-Off
C: Graham Lindsey
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: G
Q: 150
O:Canada; Ontario; Ottawa
"G"Gdd dcB | "C"cBA "G"GAB | "C"cBA "G"BAG | "A7"A2D "D"DFA | "G"Gdd dcB | "C"cBA "G"GAB | 
"G"cBA "D"BAF |1 "G"G3 G,3 :|2 "G"G2G GDG |: "D"FAA AFA | "G"GBB BGB | "Am"Acc cAc | "D"d/2c/2BA GDG | 
FAA AFA | "G"GBB BGB | "D"Acc BAG | FDF "G"G3 :|]