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The Millstream

The Millstream was a studio run by Paul Mills, for many successful decades - and closed in 2018 due to Paul's retirement from production. He produced albums for all sorts of folk artists, which is how I met him - through Sarah Burnell and her band (with whom I played - and so did Paul). In addition to being one of the country's finest players, he produced albums for the likes of Stan Rogers, Ron Hynes, Sharon Lois & Bram, Natalie MacMaster, and MANY more. A drum part I recorded with Paul even made it onto a Sharon Hampson album!

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ABC Notation

X: 29
T: The Millstream
C: Graham Lindsey
R: polka
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
Q: 140
O:Canada; Ontario; Ottawa
"D"FAAB AFED | "G"B,DDE DB,A,B, | "D"DEFA "G"BAFE | "A"E2FE "D"D2 DE :| 
|: "D"FA2F "A"EA2E | "D"DEFA "G"BABA | "D"FA2F "A"EA2E | "D"DEFA "G"B3 A | 
"D"FA2F "A"EA2E | "D"DEFA "G"BABA | "D"dcBA "A"F/2G/2A AB | AFED "D"D4 :|]