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Leaving Goderich

I've been to the Goderich Celtic Roots festival a few times, and I've always left with a bittersweet "glad to have had the experiences, played with friends and looking forward to heading to home-sweet-home... but sad that I have to leave all of it behind for another year." This is a happy tune with one melancholy bar that also makes me really happy. Go figure!

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ABC Notation

X: 44
T: Leaving Goderich
C: Graham Lindsey
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
fe | "D"dedB ABAF | DFAF D2FD | "G"GAG(F F)GF("A"E | E4) A2 de | 
"D"f3 e dcBA | Bdef "A"e3e |1 "A"fedA BdAA | "D"DEFG A2  :|2 "A"fedA BdAF | "D"fedc d2 fe |
|: "D"d3B A2 FA | dABA DF2A | "G"BAGF "A"EFGE | "D"ABAF A3A | 
"D"dfdA "F#m"cfcA | "G"BAdA "D"BAA2 | "G"GFEG FGAF |1 "A"E2A,([DA,] [D2A,2]) fe :|2 "A"E2A,"D"([D2A,2] [D2A,2]) |]