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Ellen’s Jig

Recorded 11 Feb 2015 with Ellen Gibling
Written by Graham Lindsey

This one proves that all you need to do to have a tune named for you is to compliment the guy who wrote it! It's a nice little jig that people have seemed to latch onto.

Harp accompaniment by Ellen Gibling, a harpist working in Halifax.


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ABC Notation

X: 2
T: Ellen's Jig
C: Graham Lindsey
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Q: 180
O:Canada; Ontario; Ottawa
"D"dAG FGE| DFA dcd| efg fed| "A"ced cBA  |
"D"dAG FGE| DFA dcd| efg fed| "A"cAc "D"d3  :|
|: "A"eAB cBA| Ace f3 | gag fed| "G"eAB "D"=c^cd |
"A"eAB cBA| Ace f3 | gag fed| "G"eAc "D"d3  :|]