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Don Kavanagh’s Latest

Recorded 15 Mar 2016
Written by Graham Lindsey

Here’s a hornpipe written in the week leading up to St. Paddy’s Day – I named it after Don Kavanagh, Ottawa’s king of the hornpipe (always at the correct tempo, of course), an exceptional harmonica player, and the kindest person you’ll meet.

As I was finishing the tune, I saw a picture on Facebook that NL musician Jean Hewson posted for her friend Frank Maher’s birthday – a picture of Frank and Don. It was around that time that I tried changing the rhythm to make the tune a hornpipe, and that’s where it was meant to be – and another reason the name fit.


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ABC Notation

X: 11
T: Don Kavanagh's Latest
C: Graham Lindsey
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/16
K: G
O:Canada; Ontario; Ottawa
D3E | "G"(3G2G2G2 G3B "D"A4 A3c | "G"B3d g3e "D"d3B A3c | "G"B3A G3E "C"D3E G3B | "A7"(3A2A2A2 "D"A3G A4 E3D | 
"G"(3G2G2G2 G3B "D"A4 A3c | "G"B3d g3e "D"d3B A3c | "G"B3A G3E "D"D3E G3A | "G"(3G2G2G2 G3F "G"G4 :|
|: g3d | "C"(3e2e2e2 e3d "G"B3d g3d | "C"e3d B3d "D"A4 g3d | "C"(3e2e2e2 c'3b "D"a3g f3d | "C"e12 g3d |
"C"(3e2e2e2 e3d "G"B3d g3d | "C"e3d B3d "D"A4 c'3b | "C"a3g f3d "D"e3g d3c | "C"B3d "D"A3d "G"G4 :|]