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Cook’s in the Kitchen Again

This was written after an evening hanging with Canadian fiddler Shane Cook. There was already a tune called "Cook in the Kitchen", and I still wanted to pay homage to his semi-regular fridge raids at a certain fiddling camp... so I added "Again" to my original title.

People say this tune is a bit tricky, and the secret is: the first section is 12 bars... so some people think it's 8 repeated three times, or just plow through the second part playing chords from the first section.

...also, the one bar of silence is when I picture Shane peeking over the fridge door to make sure he's still not busted.

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ABC Notation

X: 43
T: Cook's in the Kitchen Again
C: Graham Lindsey
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
FE | "D"D2 FA de fe | dc BA A2 BA | "G"B3d eddB | "A"A2 FA E2 Ad | e3 e3 de | "D"f2e2d3A | 
"G"B2 d2 dBBA | "A"A2 F2 E2 FE "D"| D2 DF AFAd | f2 ed "G"B2 AB | "A"A2 EF A2 dB |1 "A"AFE2 z2 :|2 "A"AF(E4 E)A | 
|: "D"D2E2F2A2 | "G"BAAFA3 A | B2 Bd dBBA | "A"A6 A2 | "G"B3 d d2 ef | g2 e2 "D"f3 d | f3e d2B2 |1 "A"A2F2E3 A :|2 "A"A2E2"D"D2 |]