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Almonte Celtfest

Written for everyone who put time into making Almonte Celtfest (a festival in a town about 40 minutes west of Ottawa) the community event run by a great team as they have.  It was written 13 April 2020, and the following day the board made the decision to cancel the 24th annual festival due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We'll all see each other again in 2021 for the 25th anniversary festival!


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ABC Notation

// composed: 28 Mar 2020 // transcribed: 29 Mar 2020 //
X: 84
T: Almonte Celtfest Jig
C: Graham Lindsey
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: D
O:Canada; Ontario; Ottawa
"D"Ddg fed | "A"efe d2 A | "Bm"def g2e | "G"fgf e3 | 
"D"Ddf g2f | "A"efe def |1 "G"gfe fgf | e3A3 :|2 "G"gag faf | e3 "A"e2e |]
|: "G"gfe d2A | BAF DAA | "A"Add def | fed e3 |
"Bm"gfe d2A | BAF DFG | "A"FAA d2a | "D"fge d3 :|