Graham **grab bio from this page**

graham-portraitA little about the guy who this site is kinda about…

Graham has long been interested in video (AKA “TV”) and interactive applications (AKA computers and the Internet). He has found a way to combine the two in a glorious career working for himself at his own company, Wavelength Media, specializing in website design, video production and photography.  Wavelength Media has worked with musicians/bands, many different sizes and types of companies and individuals who are also self-employed.

A graduate of the school of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University (in Toronto), Graham specialized in the area of video production with an emphasis on multimedia and the interactive aspects of any given project. In his final year he was the Interactive Producer of the school’s award show honouring achievement in media production and co-producer of an interactive improv show. His interactive experience began in 1997 and includes interactive work including the now-forgotten WAP (WML and HDML), webTV, kiosks, websites, and interactive advertisements that would become today’s technology.  WAP offered websites on mobile devices, webTV brought interactivity to the television set, and kiosks/websites/interactive ads have developed into what we see online today.

Graham is currently living in the Ottawa area and can be seen playing regularly with the The Sarah Burnell BandThe Nepean Concert Band and various other ensembles as needed (plus in Celtic sessions wherever he can find them).  For more detail on Graham the musician, pop on over to the music page.

Please feel free to contact Graham – he’s always happy to hear website feedback, about possible business opportunities, from old friends, or even how darn good looking he is (good thing he didn’t write this bio or … well, he’d look very self-centred!). Do drop him a line and thanks for visiting this (fantastic) website!

Graham also enjoys writing in the third person and long walks on the beach.