"Trad" Tunes You Probably Don't Know Yet

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    Have you seen one of these at a festival? You can grab one for your case, maybe one for your car, or maybe even stick one to your dog. Caution: it likely doesn't stick to fur all that well.
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  • "Trad" Tunes You Probably Don't Know Yet

    graham-yellow-tune-bookThis book is a collection of 17 original "trad"-style Celtic tunes by Graham Lindsey. The tunes were written between October 2014 and June 2016. He loves writing in the third person about himself, and 10 hours after releasing a screenshot on Facebook is beside himself as a result of the interest in the book!

    Thanks in advance for buying this book - and if you play them anywhere I'd love to hear about it.

    Jigs: Ellen’s / The Empty Chair / For A Nickel / Grit’s / Trent Severn (F & D) / The Write-Off
    Reels: From Away (F & G) / There Were Mountains / Whiskey Soup (F & G)
    Polkas: Dougal’s Favourite / The First
    Hornpipes: Don Kavanagh’s Latest / The Wire Cutter
    Waltzes/Mazurkas: Three Quarters Swung / The Valentine’s Waltz / The Spring Post
    Novelty: Stephen Harper’s Jig (in 5/8)