I’ve been very much involved in video production since 1998, most recently as the owner of Wavelength Media and an employee of Allan Joyner Productions (AJP) from 2001-2008. In both positions I have had the opportunity to work in video and multimedia projects, and for a long time I geeked-out in my work compressing video for websites (and had been doing this long before YouTube and Vimeo existed).  I have worked with Final Cut Pro since 2000, Photoshop back into the mid-1990’s and all the other associated video production and graphic design tools for longer than I can remember.

I’m available for work as a video editor, cameraman (I come with camera(s) and lighting), and have a little background in most aspects of video production.

It all started in 1994 when I did a simple 2D animation for a half hour show that aired on public television in Ottawa, documenting a class trip from Richmond, Ontario to Albert/Washington State/British Columbia where we climbed Mt. St. Helen’s 14 years after the eruption (some of us walked in the crater that day). That production experience is what cultivated the keen interest I have in video production today.

I studied at Ryerson University (Toronto) in the Radio and Television Arts program, and while the radio side was interesting I knew from day one that I was going to be a “video guy” in the future. I would take every opportunity to pick up a camera and help shoot fellow students’ projects, I bought Final Cut Pro version 1 so I could edit a student production on my personal computer, and I’ve continued to work in that same spirit: everything is a learning opportunity, and everything can be quite a lot of fun!

Wavelength Media was created when we produced a weekly half-hour show for Homes & Land TV in Ottawa, and that expanded to three half-hour shows (adding Calgary and Edmonton) weekly. In an industry that is evolving so quickly (with today’s HD and 4k video standards), my work at AJP doing video editin, DVD and CD authoring, web video compression and even website design really prepared me for the present video production climate.

The following are some samples of the work I’ve done.  I have additional samples – some of which I’m very proud, but can’t make public due to copyright restrictions – and would be happy to share if you contact me.

Anne Janelle – Black is the Colour

Anne Janelle is a singer-songwriter-cellist and a good friend, and when I mentioned that I could shoot a video she jumped at the chance. I traveled to her location of choice, in Nova Scotia, and we spend the day shooting footage for the video. Editing happened at my office in Ottawa, and this is the video we created!

Heather Dale – Celtic Avalon Kickstarter

Heather came to me when she needed an introductory video for her crowdfunding campaign to raise $40,000 for a traveling stage show called Celtic Avalon. In an afternoon we produced the video and it turned out very nicely. Hard to keep a steady cameara when you’re listening to someone say “I thought I was alone in the universe in wanting to be a princess when I grew up… and a DALEK, but that’s totally beside the point”. Heather is definitely worthy of checking out – a wonderful musician and person.

Russ Kelley – We’re Falling

Russ is an Ottawa-area singer-songwriter with a great past. After a period out of the industry, he’s returned and asked me to shoot video for a couple of his best songs. I shot this in a couple of takes with two different cameras, and I only used the two cameras on this one take to edit the whole video.