Music Video Contest

Graham Lindsey 

A Physically Distanced Virtual Scavenger Hunt!
Your videos & photos could be in the official music video for “The Next Best Thing”!

Step 1: Listen to the Song


Step 2: Go through the scavenger hunt items below

…and see if you have any video or photos that match the lyrics. They don’t have to be literally what is described, but it would help to know the connection if the lyric line is not literally happening on screen. The first four lines are the chorus… so there’ll definitely be more space to include the audio there.

Scavenger Hunt Items

1) Always running to the next best thing
2) Never know what tomorrow brings
3) Let the chorus and choir sing
4) Always running to the next best thing
Never know what tomorrow may bring
6) Pile deadlines on my plate
Another Meeting and a coffee date
8) Keep it coming, I feel great
9) No time for slowing down
10) Stuck in Ireland at the Gate
…a reference to the Guinness brewery
One more round of “The Weight”
…The song “The Weight” (“take a load off…”)
Our Flight Roulette ends in Stalemate
…Flight roulette = hoping your flight isn’t cancelled… but also flights of beer!
13) But our feet won’t hit the ground
14) Meet for supper after eight
It’s been so long, I can’t be late
16) My heart is pounding, sure you can relate
17) For when we hit the town
18) Buddy just bought a round

Step 3: Complete the form

Complete the form below (mobile) or to the right (desktop/laptop) to receive information on how to submit your files.  **Your submission is not complete until I have received your files.**

Step 4: I will draw three names from the submissions

…and mail the winners a copy of this album! …or if you have a copy, I’ll send my first, “TradHead”.  Have both?  Pick one and you can give it as a birthday gift!

Tech + Artistic Details:

– videos will be selected on *artistic* merit… so no shaky videos
– sound from your videos will likely *not* be used
– *Message me first* for upload instructions
– Videos should be 45sec or smaller (you can re-save your videos if yours are too long) … and they’ll only be on screen for a few seconds at a time
Contest rules and guidelines:
– One ballot will be entered for each valid video or photo submission.
– Videos must not contain any sexual content, violence, hate speech, or other offensive content. If they do, they won’t be entered into the draw (or obviously get into the video).
– PLEASE DO NOT RECORD NEW VIDEO if it means you’re going to be going nearer than 2m/6ft from other people not in your household if you’re unmasked. ie: use existing video, possibly from before last March. This project is intended to keep people having fun without having to gather. Thanks for that!
– Anyone in the submitted video may have their image used in the music video
– If you submit a video to this contest, it may be used in the official music video for The Next Best thing without compensation.
Submission deadline is March 17th: St. Paddy’s Day 2021 – CHEERS!

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Music Video Contest

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