The best part of my photographic work is really working with people. I’ve had some of the most fun with a camera and a group of people – or on portrait shoots. When I’m hired as a photographer, it is often in support of a concert, festival, or a corporate event – though I have done professional portraits and very occasionally, wedding photography.

My photographic work, as you can see, ranges greatly from subject to subject. Generally speaking, I have found that when things are moving (whether it’s a brass band, folk musician performing on stage, or an active photo shoot) that’s where I enjoy shooting photos most.

tywo0626“It was my great pleasure to work with Graham Lindsey of Wavelength Media during my guest residency with the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra. Immediately upon seeing the extraordinary photos he took of the wind orchestra and me, I knew I had to use several of them for my own website. The quality of his work, combined with his generous licensing rates, makes him about as good a photographer as I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

Dr. Frank Ticheli, Composer