IMG_3796-700pxThe purpose of this page (initially, at least) is to host a collection of my tunes (that’s right, ones I’ve composed), video from performances with various bands, and videos that people have come to expect I’ll will keep on this website.

Here’s something someone once said about me…

Multi-instrumentalist Graham Lindsey was bitten by the Celtic-music bug in the mid-2000s and has yet to recover. A percussionist since he was old enough to hit things, Graham took up wind instruments at age seven and then piano (which he promptly forgot), and percussion in school—a lifelong passion that continues to burn brightly.

Today, Graham is a talented and sought-after accompanist who performs in a number of Celtic groups and local concert bands. He regularly plays traditional sessions across the country and plays in a number of Celtic, folk and roots bands. In his spare time, Graham is on the board of the Canadian Folk Music Awards and is involved in this country’s wider folk-music community. Sharing music, though, remains his greatest joy—as evidenced by the “idiot’s grin” he often sports while playing.


  • “Trad” Tunes You Probably Don’t Know Yet

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    My solo debut (with a couple of friends) is July 10th, 2016 at Almonte Celtfest. You’ll be able to get this book there, and help everyone celebrate 20 years of Celtfest! The festival from July 8-10th, and come to see the fantastic lineup, including Le Vent du Nord, Vishtèn, Còig, Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, and so many more!

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    Thanks to everyone who has already expressed interest, even before the book is out!

  • Whiskey Soup

    Recorded 15 May 2016
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    I wrote this to pair with my other tune “From Away” and people have said it’s more straightforward and has a decent groove. I’ll let you decide!

    Written in the fall of 2015, it was nameless until Ottawa singer/songwriter Jill Zmud suggested I should name a tune Whiskey Soup – and it was born!

    Download Whiskey Soup – key of F (PDF) | Download Whiskey Soup – key of G (PDF)

  • Trent Severn

    Recorded 21 Apr 2016
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    This is a tune I wrote in mid-2015, played it locally and one player said it was interesting – I was hanging with my friends in Trent Severn and asked if they’d mind my naming it after them… and the rest is history!

    I’ve been trying to figure out when to release the tune, and since Trent Severn is playing a house concert at my place next week, so I figured this is as good a time as any!

    Download Trent Severn Jig (PDF)

  • The Write-Off

    Recorded 1 Apr 2016
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    So it’s tax season. I’ve finished tiling my front hall and bathroom, replaced a toilet and played all the music I possibly could. Yet I haven’t finished my taxes. A tune came to mind, of course – otherwise I’d have to get things ready for my accountant… and here’s what came of it!

    Download The Write-Off (PDF)

  • Don Kavanagh’s Latest

    Recorded 15 Mar 2016
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    Here’s a hornpipe written in the week leading up to St. Paddy’s Day – I named it after Don Kavanagh, Ottawa’s king of the hornpipe (always at the correct tempo, of course), an exceptional harmonica player, and the kindest person you’ll meet.

    As I was finishing the tune, I saw a picture on Facebook that NL musician Jean Hewson posted for her friend Frank Maher’s birthday – a picture of Frank and Don. It was around that time that I tried changing the rhythm to make the tune a hornpipe, and that’s where it was meant to be – and another reason the name fit.

    Download Don Kavanagh’s Latest (PDF)

  • There Were Mountains

    Recorded 15 Nov 2015 with David Morrissey
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    I was in Calgary after the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards (held in Edmonton this year), and decided to take a trip to Canmore to see the mountains. Unfortunately it was very cloudy, so I didn’t really see anything – so I sat in my rental car and wrote this tune.

    Download There Were Mountains (PDF)

  • Stephen Harper’s Jig

    I wrote a tune for Stephen Harper! (No, it’s most definitely not a commission.) It’s a lively “jig”, in 5/8 with a couple of bars of 6/8, but usually not where you’ll hear it.

    Newfoundland players would call “Stephen Harper’s Jig” a crooked tune.

    As I said to a friend, adding a beat or two to throw a little bump in would make a mildly crooked tune, but I went for “the full Harper”.

    Download Stephen Harper’s Jig (PDF)

  • From Away

    Recorded 21 Aug 2015 with Shane Cook
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    Written for a friend living on the East Coast – from away.

    Download From Away – key of F (PDF) | Download From Away – key of D (PDF)

  • Ellen’s Jig

    Recorded 11 Feb 2015 with Ellen Gibling
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    This one proves that all you need to do to have a tune named for you is to compliment the guy who wrote it! It’s a nice little jig that people have seemed to latch onto.

    Harp accompaniment by Ellen Gibling, a harpist working in Halifax.

    Download Ellen’s Jig (PDF)

  • Grit’s Jig

    Recorded 11 Feb 2015 with Ellen Gibling
    Written by Graham Lindsey

    This is the first tune of mine that I’d played in public – now named for Grit Laskin, maker of fine stringed instruments, and without which I wouldn’t have written any tunes at all. Thanks, Grit!

    Harp accompaniment by Ellen Gibling, a harpist working in Halifax.

    Download Grit’s Jig (PDF)