Although I started as a code monkey, I realized that it would be somewhat restrictive to only be the technical guy when websites were becoming popular. I’d always been interested in visual media, and found that design actually came fairly naturally.

With my design work, I like to keep it a little more classic, aiming for a look that will last longer. It’s a bit “safer” when it comes to business designs, and I’ve found that many of my clients appreciate that they won’t have to pay for a website redesign in the next year or two. Actually, the site that preceded this one (ie: was last updated in 2003, and this site was updated in 2015. Twelve isn’t a bad run for a website!

Selected Website Design Samples

web-sample-wm   web-sample-cfma

web-sample-pgtv   web-sample-lfd

web-sample-kellys-boutique web-sample-stan-rogers

Selected Poster Design Samples