Grit’s Jig

Recorded 11 Feb 2015 with Ellen Gibling
Written by Graham Lindsey

This is the first tune of mine that I’d played in public – now named for Grit Laskin, maker of fine stringed instruments, and without which I wouldn’t have written any tunes at all. Thanks, Grit!

Harp accompaniment by Ellen Gibling, a harpist working in Halifax.

Download Grit’s Jig (PDF)

The Sarah Burnell Band – Trip To Pakistan

Trip To Pakistan, played here by The Sarah Burnell Band, was the single most cited YouTube video that I’ve been in – I’m not sure that qualifies it as having gone viral, but it’s popular! The tune “Trip to Pakistan” was written by Niall Kenny.

On The Track – NCB

This is a video from 2002, recorded by Rogers Community Television in Ottawa, at Centrepointe Theatre. People keep saying they like seeing the video, so I’m happy to include it here.